Smart appliances gradually ignite consumer desire in household appliances market
Date: 2018-06-08
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The festival has a strong atmosphere and smart home appliances. This year, the Mid Autumn Festival is next to the national day. Every major appliance store is warming up. Intelligent appliances, which are famous for its intelligence and humanization, are popular among consumers. Reporters walked into several electrical shopping malls, and saw almost all the counters before playing the banner of "intelligence". Many consumers stopped consulting the smart home appliances before consulting them. A brand TV saleswoman told reporters that "intelligent" is the biggest selling point of the TV set, compared to the traditional TV, TV can be connected to the consumer's mobile phone. "Even after leaving home, parents can open and close the TV by mobile phones. It is especially suitable for the consumer groups with children at home, which can effectively control the time and TV programs for children to watch TV." Mr. Zhang, who just joined the work this year, bought a smart refrigerator for his parents. "This refrigerator can automatically adjust the temperature according to the ambient temperature, and let the parents feel the convenience brought by intelligence." Mr. Zhang said. Zhang Rongzhong, vice president of Whirlpool (China) Limited by Share Ltd, said that an intelligent refrigerator can allow users to know the quantity of food in the refrigerator and the information of preservation at anytime and anywhere through mobile phones or computers. It can provide users with healthy recipes and nutritional taboos, and also remind users to fill the food regularly. Although smart appliances have superior performance, the price is obviously higher than that of ordinary household appliances. Taking an air conditioner as an example, because of its intelligent function, the price is more than 2000 yuan higher than that of the traditional air conditioner. "Although the price is relatively high, consumers with purchasing power are more interested in smart appliances." Carrefour Anhui District Public Relations Manager Tang Wen told reporters that the national day shopping malls are promoting intelligent household appliances, there are many preferential prices, some back to the rural home for the festival of young people, but also choose to buy smart home appliances to return to the home. "Smart appliances are gradually igniting the consumption desire of the household appliances market." Zhang Rongzhong believes that more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the intelligent service of household appliances. Intelligentization will become a new blue sea for the future growth of household electrical appliance enterprises. Household appliance enterprises are developing a series of products, and there will be more functional and more advanced intelligent household appliances in the future.

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